The University has eighteen (18) Halls of residence capable of accommodating only about 33% of the total student population of the University. As low as it might look, this is the largest on-campus student accommodation provided by any University in Nigeria. The University is striving to expand its capacity on campus accommodation by partnering with private investors on – Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

Ten (10) of the eighteen Halls (Akenzua, Amina, Alexander, Danfodio, ICSA, Ramat, Ribadu, Suleiman, Dangote and Shehu Idris) are in the Main Campus while two (2), Asma’u Mustapha and Aliyu Mustapha Halls are located at Shika in the Teaching Hospital accommodating the female and male Medical and Nursing Students respectively who are in their clinical training phase. Amina, Suleiman, Alex and Ribadu halls accommodate female students. The remaining six (6) are at the Kongo Campus. These comprise of Ali Akilu, Tafawa Balewa, Hostels 1, 2 and 3, Bedde and Sardauna. Hostels 1 and 2, Bedde and Sardauna halls accommodate only female students.

Hall residency regulations

  • Sale, giving – out or illegal swapping of bed spaces are strictly prohibited. The penalty for any defaulter is rustication for one semester.
  • All visitors are not allowed to stay in the hall beyond 9:00 p.m. similarly, female students are not allowed to stay in the male hostels beyond 9:00 p.m.
  • Females shall not for whatever reason, reside in the male The penalty for this will be loss of the entire room to the entire occupants.
  • Undergraduate students are not allowed to reside or squat in the postgraduate hall/block.
  • Male Students shall not, for whatever reason, enter female students’ hostels.
  • Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of any kind of electrical appliances for cooking or boiling water is strictly prohibited.
  • Disposal of leftover food in sinks, laundries, bathrooms or toilets is strictly prohibited.
  • Waste or any form of rubbish must not be discarded through the windows, over the balustrade or littered in front of the rooms. Hall waste and/or rubbish should be neatly deposited in the dust bins provided.
  • Toilets must be used properly. As such only toilet papers and water should be used. Water will normally be available in the toilet. However, in the event of breakdown, users of the toilet must fetch water provided in the tanks before using the toilet.
  • Washing in whatever form should be done in the laundry or at the tank points. In addition, the walls and the floor of the halls should not be smeared. The employment of other person for laundry and washing in the halls is The penalty to defaulters is loss of bed-space.
  • Bathing outside the bathroom is strictly prohibited. The penalty is forfeiture of bed space.
  • All unauthorized commercial activities such as hawking barbing, hairdressing baking and Business center activities such as Photocopying, G.S.M call centers, word processing, video and audio taping etc. are strictly The penalty is loss of bed space for the entire occupants and confiscation of such items.
  • All personal properties should be registered first with the security at the gate and with the Hall Administrators.
  • Religious activities within the halls such as meetings and preaching which are capable of breaching peace are prohibited.
  • Possession of dangerous weapons and illicit drugs and sale of either is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is explosion from the University.
  • Student will be surcharged for any damage to University property.
  • Students residency does not include spouses. Student wishing to live with their spouses should secure accommodation off-campus.
  • Students should not post any bills on building and other facilities on campus. Originators of such bills will be held responsible for damaging or smearing University building and other facilities; all bills should be posted on Notice Boards only.
  • Defecating and urinating other than the urinary/toilet is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed-space.
  • Unauthorized tempering with University facilities including the television and cable satellite provided in the common rooms is strictly prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed-space and surcharge for damages.
  • Electronic transmission/broadcast in any form and erection of antenna for television, radio, cable satellite etc is prohibited. The penalty of which is loss of bed space for the entire occupants and confiscation of items erected.