Registration Procedures

  • After successful screening, each candidate shall be required to register within a stipulated period by the SPGS after which the admission would lapse.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer of provisional admission, tuition and other fees including sundry charges shall, except where exemption has been granted by the University, be payable by all candidates provisionally registered for Postgraduate studies at rates prescribed from time to time by the University.
  • All admitted students including staff-in-training shall pay acceptance and publications fees during registration and statement of results at the point of graduation.
  • At the end of every first semester, Departments shall apply through the Faculty Postgraduate and SPGS Boards to the Senate for confirmation of admission and approval of supervisory committee of candidates.
  • For a student to retain his/her residency and remain a bona fide postgraduate student, he/she shall register at the beginning of every academic session, until he/she has defended and submitted final corrected copies.
  • Students who have successfully been examined on the Project/ Dissertation / Thesis, must submit clean copies of hard-bound Project/Dissertation/Thesis and must fill in the Completion of Requirement Certificate (CRC) of the School, provided the maximum number of residency has not been exceeded.
  • A student shall be deemed to have fully registered only after:
    i. Undergoing the required verification/screening (1st year only).
    ii. Payment of school fees, which is flexible in nature as per the approved registration procedure (except where exempted/waived).
    iii. Completion of Course registration form online and at the Departments/Faculties and Institutes.
    iv. Completion and submission of documentations to the SPGS and Departments.
  • Late registration shall attract a penalty fee to be determined by the SPGS from time to time.
  • The official period of registration for new students commences from the date captured on the admission letter to the date of matriculation. Failure to register within this period, such candidate shall be deemed to have forfeited the admission.
  • The official period of registration for returning students starts from the commencement date of the session to the closing date of late registration in the approved academic calendar.
  • Matriculation date of every academic session shall mark the official period of commencement of residency of new students.